The Boys In Blue Get What They Deserve

After decades of innocent New Yorkers being harrassed, beaten and arrested by the NYPD, New Yorkers finally got the chance to show the Boys in Blue exactly how they feel. Using the hashtag #MYNYPD, New Yorkers were asked to tweet happy photos of themselves with the officers, but not so surprisingly, within seconds twitter was filled with photos of police brutality and police humiliation.  Deputy Chief Kim Y Royster said ” The NYPD is creating new ways to communicate effectively with the community. Twitter provides an open forum for an uncensored exchange and this is an open dialogue good for our city”

One twitter user @occbaystreet tweets “homeless man is having a seizure. #MYNYPD eases his troubles by shooting his dog” the tweet was accompanied by a photo of a white male laying in the street with an NYPD officer pointing a gun at the mans dog, as the dog is trying to protect the seizing homeless man.


Another twitter user, using the hashtag #MYNYPD @femmen0ir tweeted a photo from 1967, showing a 12 yr old boy named Joe Bass Jr, who was inadvertently struck by a police shotgun blast that killed another man.


Many are asking what were the NYPD expecting? did they really think they were going to get a good response with all that has been happening within the police department recently? I mean, between wrongful arrests, the killings and beatings of innocent people that officers are very rarely get charged with. Its time something has happened to show the NYPD just how corrupt they are. New Yorkers arent how happy with things are ran in this city and this twitter hashtag finally proves it, Since peaceful demonstrating in the street can still get you beaten and killed by police.  After all it seems the only ones that have been oblivious to the madness between cops and civilians, are the cops themselves.

So way to go NYPD! you have finally seen and heard the voice of the people you so called protect. Hopefully this will make an impact on the department and maybe a little change can be made. But I, along with a millions others highly doubt that. New York city dosnt care about our safety and until they do, we should continue to find ways to let the government and city officials know we will not stand for their bullsh*t

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