Break Out Of Your Mind And Be Free!


Can a person’s state of mind be EVERYTHING? Yes, And most times when people feel like they’re being held back by a certain circumstance like unemployment, or family, and most importantly “the system”   they are not. The only thing that truly holds humans back is our mind. Unless of course you’re physically jailed, if not NOTHING holds you back. And I am so tired of hearing otherwise…to hell with the damn excuses.

If you are an able bodied man or woman with good health, you’re capable of anything. The world can be at your finger tips if you believe it and will it.  A lot of times when things happen to us that we didn’t expect or plan for, we as humans can get thrown off track,  we get discouraged, let down, lose faith, let other people distract us, which makes us feel as if we can not continue to work as hard as we were, or as hard we SHOULD be, but it isn’t the situation preventing you from doing anything, its only YOU.

Recently, I began noticing that people with the most life complaints and excuses as to why they aren’t where they want/need to be in life, do have people in their corner that may be willing to help. But I’ve also noticed those same types of people are not willing to work so hard to help themselves or they will work hard, but limit themselves to the amount of work needed to be done which most folks would identify as being too “choosy”.

A lot of times when people carry that habit, it will be a major turn off for the ones that would have been willing to help, and do want to see you succeed. To get where you want to be in life, sometimes the risk is EVERYTHING. Ask Donald Trump or Oprah Winfrey. Hell, ask Jay-Z.

In my opinion in order to get your desired comfort zone in life ALL amounts of hard work MUST be done. The sweat, the tears, the blood, the energy all must be sacrificed in the name of YOU. Even if it is starting out as small as working in fast food restaurant while your goal is to be an entrepreneur. So while you may feel that fast food job is little beneath you, that McDonald’s job can be your start if YOU make it such.

Change your pattern of thinking first, and everything else will follow suit…I promise. Make a positive and motivating thinking pattern and your actions will slowly began to change…and it is really kind of cool when you can notice the changes in yourself and know that those changes are because YOU willed them.

Change the way you think, and the positivity will be contagious. That positive energy that you now posses, and send out like radio waves EVERY TIME you think, other people will catch it unknowingly. If you can think it and you can see it in your minds eye, then it is possible and it is waiting for you to realize its possible and catch it!

Good luck Earthlings, love vibrations! 🙂

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