Recipes? Or A Mockery?


With African Americans having one of the highest rates of obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure in the US, I found a bit of relief when I came across the Thug Kitchen blog.

I thought “at last someone is finally coming off of the delicious but deadly soul food wave”. Thug Kitchen offers some of the tastiest vegan food you can find on the internet like their organic carrot pumpkin cake, or the summer tomato nectarine pasta (which seriously looks yummy).

when first arriving on the website, the very first thing you will notice is the large “sign the f”ck up” referring to the Thug Kitchen newsletter posted on the first page. The website is full of profanities and prefers to take on a “thug” approach when giving out the delicious recipes, like the Pina Colada and Motherf*cking Homemade Ice Cream.

They even tell their readers “Dont f*uck around with some sorry a** $10 takeout”. The blog has had success for years, with a new cookbook and endorsements from Hollywood actress Gwyneth Paltrow. Its popular in the vegan world and with helping meat eaters cross over to the vegan lifestyle.

Since the creators of this blog have remained anonymous since creation in 2012, one will probably imagine this blog to be the brainchild of some young black man maybe between the ages 22-33 years old. Seemingly smart since he knows a thing or two on eating healthy, he may possibly sport some tattoos but with an overall “thug or gangsta” demeanor. The Washington Post even went on to say it was if “Samuel L. Jackson went on a health kick and started a Tumblr”

But I and the rest of internet world was extremely shocked and sadly mistaken to find out that its NOT a young health freak black man behind this blog….but a white couple, in their late 20’s named Michele Davis and Matt Holloway. An article written on Epicurious is what revealed this big discovery.

Epicurious states “You might think Thug Kitchen would be run by a pair of frat boys and a few pledge interns out of a house near campus, but Davis and Holloway have the type of energetic and friendly personalities needed to spawn an aspiring empire. After about thirty seconds with the pair and it’s clear: They are unmistakably Thug Kitchen.

The big question that has remained unanswered by the couple is WHY? Why take on a so called “thug” approach when I am sure that neither has had experience with it?

I initially believed that it was to reach out to not only African Americans but to the urban population in general, where some actually use profanity in everyday language or may refer to one another as “thug” or “gangsta”.

I thought it was done with the hopes of maybe inspiring lower income neighborhoods to eat healthy and encourage them to stay away from fast foods and junk food that is seen on literally every corner.

Although Davis states to Epicurious that “We started the site just for fun, to make each other laugh”, One would question is that the only way to make each other laugh? to seemingly mock urban language and lifestyle? I don’t understand. Its like believing Snoop Dogg wrote a cookbook, only to find out it was Martha Stewart pretending to be Snoop Dogg.

Many bloggers are calling this “a recipe in blackface” and sadly I must admit that I agree.

What say you family? Check out the commercial below:

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