A letter to Krystal, from Kush


Hello Krystal,

Happy New Year!!!

First, I want to start by saying that YOU are f*cking brilliant. There is nothing you have thought of that you can not do! you have learned and are continuing to learn so much, don’t doubt yourself. Ever. Because that is where problems arise. You are exceptionally clever, creative and charming. The 3 C’s I admire about you. I know that there is a constant battle in your head, trying to figure out how to conduct yourself in YOUR life so that you attract all things positive. You know what it is that you want. Focus on that alone. Create a tunnel vision for everything you wish to accomplish, one at a time. FOCUS. Hard work and dedication are not your issue, you need to focus. Once your focus is set your hard work, dedication and passion with fall in line. I know you very well and I see it, its all here….. in your head.

You lost yourself a tad bit the past few months. You let other things distract you… they came into the forefront of what YOU want to do. Do not do that. When you know what it is that YOU MUST do, make sure you do NOTHING else but get it done. You let fear come into the forefront of WHAT you want to do, and that is alright, but Krystal sometimes you let those fears turn into doubts ..you sabotage yourself. This must end.

Everyday at rising, think about your short term goals first, and how you will work and conduct yourself so that you are one step closer each day. Get up and create a list of all these things. You hate to be idle, especially if there hasn’t been much progress. You arent content with how things are, I know that you are extremely grateful for all in your life but you and I both know that YOU are meant for more.

You and your friends posses a certain knowledge that is not too common. Think of a way to use it
You have the gift of gab and a knack for words, you’re a writer. Work HARDER on it
You’re learning about herbs and natural medicines almost everyday. I believe this may be a new found passion of yours. Follow the necessary steps to pass this knowledge on and to help others.

Yes, You’re a day dreamer who needs to buckle down, focus and get this life game correct (by your standards of course)or it will fly by. You become easily distracted and YOU MUST TEACH your self discipline. You must teach yourself PATIENCE, nothing truly worth having will come without a fight. And it is easier said than done but you MUST work at this. It is your passion, you will never forgive yourself if you don’t get back on track. I want you to read this letter EVERYDAY. Promise me.

But one thing you have that many people don’t, is a knowledge of self. No matter how many things distract you, no matter how much you may “lose yourself”..don’t ever LOSE YOURSELF. Self is all you have and it is the true you. When you are alone at night in your bed with no one around watching or listening that is self Krystal, and you are happy with that. Many people can not be with themselves for too long, they aren’t comfortable in the skin they were born in. Don’t wander into that catagory, its scary.

God and the UNIverse have been GREAT to you, now its time to show that you appreciate it, take the gifts and knowledge given to you and fucking soar you Pisces! …or swim. Which makes you feel better.

I love you,


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